Welcome to Jayleatherkraft

Jay Leatherkraft is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of quality products. From environmentally friendly, leather, and cloth binders to presentation, hospitality products and much more. We are capable of producing single one off items right up to large production runs on our automated machinery since 1953. Please take some time to browse our new website and feel free to contact us at any time.


What is case-made/turned edged?

A casemade product is constructed when cover materials outside edges are turned over a stiff or flexible board.. There is a wide range of cover materials available with a variety of textures. A caasemade product will outlast any heat sealed product.

What is Enduro?

Enduro is a durable construction style based on a European concept. By using a single piece of board, a multi-crease spine can be used to create almost any style and size of binder. Our unique single score, twin score, multi-score techniques provide different design elements. Options for our Enduro binders include 4-colour litho printing, decorative fabrics, papers and many more.

Sheet Capacity by Ring Size

Note: 1 Sheet = 2 Printed Pages


Please note all of the above sheet counts are approximate and should only be used as a guide. If there are index tabs in the binder extra allownace is required for them (Estimate 3 sheets per 7pt index tab sheet)

Art Requirements

How should I submit my artwork?

Please use the following method

  • Email of files 5MB (or winzip zipped files) or smaller to art at info@jayleatherkraft.com
  • For stamping dies (foil stamping, debossing, or burnishing), we require that all artwork must be provided in a single-tone, black ON white background format.
  • When using fonts, please convert all fonts to paths or outlines in your illustration programs to keep away from replacement fonts, which will change the appearance of your logo. If fonts are not converted, we may require that a copy of all fonts be sent with the artwork.

What kind of art files does Jay Leatherkaft accept?

Adobe Photoshop (CS3 or earlier)
Adobe Illustrator (CS3 or earlier)
Adobe InDesign (CS3 or earlier)
PDF Files
EPS Files

Can Jay Leatherkraft provide me with a template for my artwork?

Yes. We do have templates available, please contact us for details.

Will I see a proof of my artwork before production begins?

Yes, you may request to see an electronic proof at any time before or after production

What resolution do you require or prefer?

We prefer artwork at 600 DPI or higher resolution. Depending on your project, we may be able to accept lower resolution artwork.

What are the recommended limitations on font size and line size in my art?

We generally recommend type no smaller than 8 point and rules should be 1 point or larger in width. Reverse type works best at 12 point and bolder. These recommendations are generalities the limitations for your project may vary depending on your specific artwork, material selection and imprinting method.

What is a vector graphics?

Vector graphic art artwork allows the individual elements to be worked on separately and scaled without loss of quality. JPG OR TIFF files are not vector graphic art.

Why do we sometimes ask customers to save-down their artwork?

Occasionally, the customer may have a more updated version of a program than we do. We have to ask the customer to save the artwork into an earlier version and resend it to us.

What does colour separation mean?

This applies only to artwork that has more than 1 colour. A colour separation shows the different colours independently, i.e. different layers for each colour.

What is the difference between 4 colour process and 4 spot colour?

Four colour process comprises 4 different colour layers which, when combined, create realistic photographic images. The 4 colour components are CMYK. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (K). By varying the dot patterns within each layer, millions of colours can be created. This is the process used by ink jet colour printers. 4 colour process must always be printed on white substrate.

Four spot colour means there are four individual colours, each of which are applied in separate areas. They can be any colours and can be printed on any colour substrate. PMS colour number must be specified.

Are screen tints or halftones possible?

In four colour process, they can be used, however in all other decoration techniques, we require it be individual spot colours with no halftones or tints.

What is considered heavy coverage in silk screen printing?

Coverage greater than 60% of the available surface with ink.

What is the difference between digital print and offset (litho) print?

Offset or lithographic printing is the process where ink is transferred from the plate to an intermediary blanket, and then to the substrate (vinyl or paper) being printed. Offset Is normally 4 colour process but can be spot colours as well. It is the most economical method for large quantities, and recommended when print quality is as important or more important than price.

Digital printing is a process, generally powder that is baked onto the cover material. Only suitable for vinyl trap seal products.

Why does Jay Leatherkraft require a pdf or hard copy in addition to an electronic art file?

Sometimes there is more than one piece of artwork on an electronic file. The Hard copy confirms what piece of art is to be used. It defines the location and scale of the artwork on the finished piece. The Hard copy shows how 2 separate elements are to relate to each other on the finished piece.

Will Jay Leatherkraft create a logo or other artwork for me?

Jay Leatherkraft excels in production art rather than creative art, meaning we generally work with the artwork provided by our customers. We do not offer logo design services as a standard offering. We can refer you to an excellent creative art service if you are in need of such. Basic artwork can be created in-house.

Can Jay Leatherkraft create artwork for me?

Yes, we can provide custom artwork solutions for our customer, there is a $50 minimum charge + $75 per hour.