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Jay Leatherkraft is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of quality products. From environmentally friendly, leather, and cloth binders to presentation, hospitality products and much more. We are capable of producing single one off items right up to large production runs on our automated machinery since 1953. Please take some time to browse our new website and feel free to contact us at any time.


Jay Leatherkraft fully supports and actively promotes the use of renewable and environmentally friendly resources and programs in the development, manufacture and sale of its products in the loose leaf industry so customers can make a responsible purchase.

Jay Leatherkraft has been a principal manufacturer of products for the loose-leaf industry since 1953. During this time there have been many changes in the types of products available and the kinds of products which have been required to meet the ever changing needs of its customers. Part of this challenge has been met by the ability of Jay Leatherkraft to develop and manufacture different and alternate types of environmentally conscious products. Part of this developmental process has always been to try and manufacture products which are based on environmentally friendly components and recycled or renewable materials to the extent afforded by the availability of suitable materials. Because Jays major product line is binders, menus and related items for the loose-leaf industry, the main focus of past and future developments is envisaged to be defined largely by this market while still meeting the customers requirements.

A large portion of the present industry is based upon conventional vinyl and various poly based covered products. Despite this market Jay Leatherkraft has concentrated a large portion of its production principally on the manufacturing of cloth (fabric) covered as well as paper based products both of which come from renewable and sustainable resources and are more environmentally friendly than the regular vinyl and polyethylene / polypropylene / polyurethane / Poly vinyl chloride style products where the stock is derived from petroleum based sources.


With respect to the board used as stiffeners in the vast majority of products, it is a pasted chipboard that is manufactured from 100% recycled material and is 100% recyclable as well. It is made up of used chipboard, corrugated boxes, soap and cereal boxes and comprises around 20% post consumer waste and 80% pre consumer waste products. Jay Leatherkraft has also developed our Enduro style products to allow the use of environmentally friendly cover materials yet provide a durable product with exceptional durability which equates to longevity of products and this in turn reduces demand on raw materials over time.

Vinyl & Poly Binders

Poly vinyl chloride (PVC vinyl) covering is used to make most of the binders in use today. High density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PPE) are alternate material which are durable & cost effective substrates that are also used in the manufacture of binders. Both PVC, HDPE & PPE are man made plastics based upon non-renewable petroleum derived sources, but some suppliers of the vinyl & poly do have recycling programs for the excess plant waste generated during the manufacturing process which Jay Leatherkraft fully supports. This primary waste is recovered and recycled back into vinyl and poly respectively.

Cloth Covered Products

The fabric used in these products is a naturally renewable resource being based on 100% cotton to make the drill base. The cloth then has a coating applied. Originally a pyroxlin coating, this has been changed to a new environmentally acceptable aqueous coating by the manufacturers over the past few years to the point where it is no longer possible to get pyroxlin coated stock anymore. During manufacture the cover material/s are adhered to the pasted chipboard using a hot based animal glue which is a biodegradable, non-synthetic product, and made from waste animal protein. Lining on cloth covered products can be either the same cloth or a paper based product, again a renewable and environmentally friendly resource. Fabric covered pieces, although initially more expensive, are cheaper when viewed in a life cycle analysis. Jay Leatherkraft promotes and manufactures casemade products because they are an environmental friendly product that are bio degradable as well as being a more durable with an extended life when compared to a vinyl products. This increased longevity means reduced demands are made on the supply of raw material requirements over time, another benefit to the dwindling earths natural resources.

Paper Based Products

There are a few options in paper based products and a new trend has been towards litho printed stock which has a single sided thin laminate applied for strength and is then adhered to the pasted chip board with the animal based glue. Some of the new products are even doing away with the laminate and going for a plain paper cover. Jay Leatherkraft has invested a lot of time and research in developing both of these product lines. The laminated paper stock option has recently evolved into a good alternative to the regular vinyl items in terms of cost and longevity with the added advantage of allowing the use of colorful and creative graphics to create eye catching items which are a lot more environmentally sound.

Environmental Mission Statement

Jay Leatherkraft will continue to actively promote different types and kinds of loose-leaf products in a responsible manner which, among other factors, have environmentally motivated benefits, in an effort to help reduce the negative impact which some products may have on the planet, while still retaining the ability to manufacture suitable items to meet the needs of our customers and the market place.